Reviewed on: July 16,2019

Are the monthly plans for discounted minutes meaning i still have to put money on paytel?

Are the monthly plans for 1000 minutes for 20$ or discounted minutes meaning ill still have to put money on paytell.. Or would me buying the 20$ plan be like putting money on paytell?

Asked: June 17,2019
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We are not replacing Paytel, we’re getting a number that gets you the lowest rate they offer. In most cases, your calls are $6-7.00 each, we get you the right number that saves over $3.00 per call, it'll pay for itself in only 6 calls. If you talk every day, the service will save a lot more than the $20 fee we charge. That is why this service is loved by thousands since 2012. 

Accepted Answer Date Created: June 17,2019

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