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Reviewed on: April 29,2018

Can anybody tell me what commissary prices are at RCM Lake Butler FL. Wanting to figure out how much $ to send a friend. Thanks

Asked: April 23,2018
Ask the inmate answer

Figure prices to be about 15-20% higher than what it might cost at Walmart or Target. But, it's the only shop in town so the inmates have to shop there. ANy amount of money is like the greatest gift you could send a frined in prison. They will decide what to choose from the long list of food and hygiene items. If you are able, $50 is fantastic. If you can do more, you will really make their month... but do not go broke sending money to your inmate, as they get the essentials and are generally treated very humanely. 

Accepted Answer Date Created: April 24,2018

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