Reviewed on: June 19,2019

Can I see my boyfriend ever or talk to him? He is in for a domestic violence, on me

Asked: June 17,2019
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The question is why would you want to continue in a relationship that requires you to take a beating of any kind? Hopefully, they keep you away from him so that you can move on with your life. There are millions of guys that you could kind that won't ever think of hitting you. You should explore this new "freedom" and stop going back.

Accepted Answer Date Created: June 19,2019
Can I contact warden or victim service to see my boyfriend who has 8yrs for assult on me.. I didn't press charges and we are trying to work out the situation and he knows he did wrong and I couldn't do 8yrs and no contact its not fair
Get away!... dont wait for the next charge could be worse than domestic violence - like attempted murder or murder. After 8 years inside, he's still hitting you? Go somewhere where he cannot hurt you.