Reviewed on: November 22,2016

Can I setup a phone service though here, does InmateAid service Puerto Rico because I can find it when I scroll down or do I have to call customer service? Thank You!

Asked: November 22,2016
Ask the inmate answer

Our phone service is perfect for folks in your situation. All inmate calls to Puerto Rico are about $1.00/minute or $15.00 per each 15-minute call. We would get you a local state-side phone number that when called would ring to your PR number but only charge the $1.65 local charge per each 15-minute call. You still use the service at the prison or jail, but use the number we give you to arrange the account. There is a $13.00+ savings per call for only $19.95/month 

Accepted Answer Date Created: November 23,2016

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