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Reviewed on: April 21,2016

If the county jail changes their phone service will he be able to still call me off of the number that is provided?

My question is about the phone service. If the county jail my fiance is jailed at changed their phone service and I buy phone services from InmateAid will he be able to still call me off of the number that is provided to me even though the county jail phone services is different from the old phone service?

Asked: November 20,2015
Ask the inmate answer
Yes he will, but he might have an issue if the new carrier has higher rates for a different set of numbers. It is best to check with us so that we can match rate center with the new carrier. If there is a better option with a different number than the one we've provided, there is no charge for us to switch the number for you. Please send us the new facility carrier and we will check it for you.
Accepted Answer Date Created: November 21,2015

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