Reviewed on: December 14,2016

can we receive letters back from the inmate over this website?

Hi, I wanted to no once the imate get the letter or greeting cards we send from this website, can we receive letters back from them over this website and if so how do we no they sent us a letter back and do we have to pay to receive there letter

Asked: December 11,2016
Ask the inmate answer

All correspondence sent to the inmates has the InmateAid corporate address on it. We do not share your information whatsoever. Inmates do write back to our members via the Letters from Inmates service. The letters are received here and we scan them into your My Account area and then notify you by email that you have inmate mail. The cost to retrieve the letter is $1.49. If you include your address in the letter then the inmate would probably correspond to that. 

Accepted Answer Date Created: December 12,2016

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