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Reviewed on: January 10,2019

What if I put the wrong jail, will my mail get forwarded?

I have sent several letters to a inmate who I thought was in one location come to find out they're located in another location but both in Nebraska the online greeting cards do they get delivered to the inmate if the address it's not right?

Asked: January 07,2019
Ask the inmate answer

This happens from time-to-time as inmates get moved and people make mistakes. The jail staff most likely will not forward the mail, they will send it back. If this happens simply contact our customer service reps (aid@inmateaid.com or 866-966-7100) and they will make the correction for you and resend your entire order at NO CHARGE. You don't need a reason, just let us know what the new location is and we will resend it.

Accepted Answer Date Created: January 08,2019