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Reviewed on: July 19,2017

Does an inmate need to request or apply for RDAP once they arrive at their designated facility if the recommendation is already noted in the sentencing documents?

Asked: May 09,2014
Ask the inmate answer

Once the inmate is designated, they will go through Orientation. After that process, they will meet with their counselor and unit team manager. All of the sentencing recommendations and the report from the PSI will be in his folder. He should begin the process of letting them know he would like to be considered. He will write a "cop out" to the head of RDAP at that facility who will schedule an interview. Once interviewed, the findings are sent to Texas for approval (for the time off). As long as there is no violence or weapons in the PSR, the inmate can qualify. RDAP inmates usually begin the class inside their last 27 months. If the inmate is outside that time frame of their sentence, they go on RDAP-Wait until they are placed in a class number.

Accepted Answer Date Created: May 10,2014