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A famous whistle blower who gave a lot of information to Wikileaks in the SHU what is he able to do?

Is there a way to learn if somebody is in SHU? He is a famous whistleblower who gave a lot of information to WikiLeaks and is in prison for political reasons, no private gain. He is often put in SHU or will have his mail withheld and he has a fantastic legal team but even when he has been in SHU in the past I've noticed they can't get any accurate information until he gets out. Does this mean I can't call and ask the prison? He normally calls me once or twice a week and we write letters a lot but suddenly there's been nothing for three weeks – he told me on the phone if I didn't hear from him it meant he was in SHU. Should I just assume ? And I wondered if there was any support group online for people who have someone they care about in prison because it is really stressful not knowing if they are okay or not. And having the prison withhold mail illegally and all the SHU retaliations when he goes to supervisors and people above to fight for his rights in prison – I know that for his dignity and to keep some sense of sanity this is what he has to do , to keep fighting for his very few rights that he has in prison and that there are attempts to keep him from writing about what it is actually like there being online – and I'm really proud of him for that constant perseverance to hold onto our values of freedom of the press. Yet at the same time I can't help but feel anxious even though I know he's been in SHU at least eight times in two years. At least he's young and in good health .

Asked: July 01, 2016
Ask the inmate answer

If he is in federal prison, you will have to call the BOP in Washington or Beaumont TX to get to the correct party that might be able to give you some answers. But, there is nothing you or his fantastic legal team can do to alter the course of action taken within the walls of a federal facility. If he is spending time in the SHU for administrative or disciplinary reasons, it is a lonely existence nevertheless. A normal procedure is a restriction of privileges, one 15-minute phone call per week, reduced cmmissary purchase list and limited or forbidden visitation. 

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