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Reviewed on: August 23,2016

Hello, I am trying to visit my dad and I was wondering about visitation. How does visitation works at the Eastern Shore Regional Jail? Do he have to put my name on the list or could I just show my I.D. and see him. I also want to bring my daughters ages 7 months and 5?

Asked: August 01,2016
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Visitation Information - Eastern Shore Regional Jail General Visitation Visitors as well as inmates are required to follow certain rules established for visitation. A copy of the rules for visitation will be posted near the door to the visitation area. Any violation or disturbance which interferes with the operation of the jail during visitation times, will result in termination of visitation for that day. All visitation is non-contact and will be only on assigned days by Housing Unit. All inmate visitation will start at 9:00am on their assigned days by Housing Unit. Registration for visitation will begin at 8:00am and will cut off at 9:00am. Anyone coming after the cut off time, will not be allowed to visit. Housing Units will visit on the following days: Mondays----A-Block Tuesdays----A-Dorm & B-Dorm Wednesdays----D-Block Thursdays----C-Block Fridays----B-Block Visitation will be for 30 minutes only. Each inmate gets only one (1) visit per day. All visits will be on a first come first serve basis. If more people come to visit the same person, then they will decide who visits. If they can’t decide who visits, then we will ask the inmate who they want to see and that decision is final. All visits will be conducted in the visiting rooms adjacent to the lobby. Weapons, cell phones, cameras, or contraband of any type are prohibited in this facility. If you are caught bringing any of these items into the visitation area, you will lose your future visitation privileges. All visitors under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a Parent or Legal Guardian. Children will be kept under control at all times. Crying children, making loud noise, or children out of control will be asked to leave All visitors must sign in at Central Control and show a valid form of photo ID, and give their physical address, and relation to the inmate. All visitors are subject to search at anytime while in this facility. Anyone refusing to be searched will not be allowed to visit and be asked to leave. Only legal materials may be taken to the visiting rooms. All other items including food or beverages are prohibited. No more than one (1) adult and two (2) children or two (2) adults are permitted to visit any one inmate at one time. All visitors must be dressed appropriately for a family setting. Anyone dressed in an inappropriate manner will not be allowed to visit Former inmates (from any facility) are not permitted to visit current inmates unless it has been ninety (90) days since their release or prior written approval is obtained from the Jail Administration. The only items we will accept from visitors are money orders or certified checks only, made out to Eastern Shore Regional Jail with the inmate’s name in the memo section. Items that need the endorsement or signature of the inmate may be given to Central Control Officer for that purpose. Once item is endorsed it will be returned to the visitor. Personal items, such as clothing will no longer be accepted. Inmate will have to purchase clothing on their commissary order. Magazines/Newspapers must be on approved list in Central Control. These items (books, magazines, and Money Orders) must be brought in between 8:00am and 6:00pm Monday – Friday. Anything brought in on weekends will not be accepted. Any visitor that uses profane language or gestures or engages in disruptive behavior will be asked to leave and loose visiting privileges. Inmates that are on Disciplinary Segregation will not be allowed visits at any time. Any violation of the rules of the facility will result in the termination of the visit and ban from the facility (at discretion of Jail Administration).
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