Reviewed on: June 29,2016

What is the best thing I can do for her while she's in jail?

i'm trying to support a friend who is in jail for drug use. she's going to be doing a rehab program for the next 18 months or so....her family is done with supporting her as she has many offenses and hasn't been able to turn her life around. i'm just trying to be a point of contact. what i'm wondering is, should tell her about happy things in my life? just day to day grind stuff? i feel like maybe that will make it worse for her....but maybe just having something else to think about is enough? i'm sending letters through this inmate aid website and i'm not sure if she's able to respond. i just keep sending letters. i just want her to have some sort of normal human contact. any guidance would be great.

Asked: June 27,2016
Ask the inmate answer
We applaud your efforts. We can avow 100% that each and every letter she receives will make her day. You have good instinct asking about how much happiness you want to share for fear of bumming them out. You have to know the person. We have always liked the super-positive, optimistic letters that speak of hope and encouragement about the future. Promote good times to come and give them some incentive to try some new areas of educating themselves. Promote the idea of self-improvement through reading. If you want to accelerate your interaction through speaking, you can set up a telephone account. Or, keep writing and suggesting her to respond with some things "she'd like to see in herself" so that you can promote the goals she mentions. We love magazine subscriptions and book. Magazines allow for new information coming monthly in their areas of interest or entertainment. Books can literally set them free. Reading is the great escape.
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