Reviewed on: October 07,2015

hi my inmate is in St.Cloud Prison Minnesota I'm am paying $7 dollars per 15 min phone call and i even had a 320 number for it to be the same area code and its now charging me 6.45 per 15 min phone call. Will it be cheaper for him to buy a phone card in there then me putting money on the cell phone need answers please help...!?

Asked: November 18, 2014
Ask the inmate answer
We have several dozen inmates using the local numbers from InmateAid and they continue referring other families to us because the calls are costing them under $2.00. You know that there are instances where an area code matches another but the calls are still long distance. We feel certain that the 320 area code number that you are using is NOT local to the prison. if you want to communicate to us this 320 number, we can use the telephone company software and see if it is local or not. We will give you an honest assessment.
Accepted Answer Date Created: November 19,2014

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