Reviewed on: April 13,2016

What can a loved one to do when an inmate is refused mental health services?

Hello, my question is what to do when an inmate is refused mental health services. I have contacted the prison and also the mental health in the prison. Was told by my son that he signed a waver so that I am able to speak on my son's behalf. I believe that a lot of this issue is due to a prison guard threating him . Please help . Thank you

Asked: April 13,2016
Ask the inmate answer
When inmates are first brought in, they will go through a series of examinations. They will see a nurse and a therapist that will evaluate their inmate's medical requirements. If it is determined that a mental health program is necessary, they will place them in the requisite program. Your having a "signed waiver" does not give you any rights to make determinations on an incarcerated person. The offender is now property of the state and there is not much you can do except make inquiries. Our advice is to do so very carefully and without much "noise". The problem is that their decisions do not have to be vetted by any outside agency. They are the sole decision-makers. Try speaking with the chaplain and express your concerns in the most respectful manner you can. If you start accusing the guards of untoward acts, you may lose the chaplain as an ally. The chaplain is an employee alongside the guards - so be gentle.
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