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Reviewed on: March 03,2020

How do i convince my soul mate im not sleeping with anyone? He knows we are made for each other ... We r so in love but his insecurities are breaking my heart. We are together through all this but i need him strong with me.

Asked: February 18,2020
Ask the inmate answer

This is not unusual, in fact, this is the main problem with relationships in prison. The inmate has all day to create the worst possible scenarios in their brain about what is going on outside the walls. They don't have control of their situation and they have only their loved ones to take it out on. I used to tell people "i felt like i died and was forced to watch my family's life to go on without me". I thought my wife was running around on me, and in reality, she was just busting her ass to keep food on the table. It took me a long time to trust her (not her fault), but i was creating false images of her life. Looking back, all of the accusations and arguments were created by me and it wasnt until i realized it that she was "riding this out with me" and today, we are together and happy as ever - there is hope, just do what you can to keep a positive outlook.

Accepted Answer Date Created: February 19,2020