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Reviewed on: June 10,2021

How do I know that this service works and my incarcerated partner got my letter? I can't find any confirmation or status of my letter. I'm glad I took a screenshot, because I at least have proof I sent it... What now?

Asked: June 08,2021
Ask the inmate answer

InmateAid has been doing this at a high level of consistency since 2012. The letters are printed by an automated machine process as delivered by software that the user initiates when buying a Letter Package. Each credit is good for a US Postal mail piece sent to the prison or jail where your inmate is incarcerated. There is no confirmation from the US Post Office, but their track record is pretty good too. If the letter comes back for any reason (InmateAid's return address) we find out why and resend it at no charge. The system is reliable, convenient, and priced fairly. You can see a copy of all your interactions with your inmate in the Account Dashboard. Every letter, picture, magazine, and phone call is recorded here for your reference and review.

Accepted Answer Date Created: June 10,2021

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