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Reviewed on: March 12,2018

How do you get an inmate to transfer his parole to florida from west virginia if he is an out of state fugitive it says online..hes doing so well in florida no problems at all. Just what can I do..an affidavit...what do I do??

Asked: March 06,2018
Ask the inmate answer

The jurisdiction in West Virginia will have to approve the transfer of parolee prior to the end of their period of supervision. Having a stable situation for the former inmate to thrive in is the main importance to the parole people. If he can verify employment and home environment, WV will look upon his odd of success there or in Florida. If he can make the case to them, that being outside their territory would not be a risk, and that his success is likely with his support group in Florida. Good luck!

Accepted Answer Date Created: March 07,2018