Reviewed on: October 09,2015

My son is 23 and is facing 23 more years in prison for murder. He is being pressed for money to pay to stay there. He has had to pay or be killed. Will this ever stop? They said as soon as he gets his amount paid it will. Should he ask for a transfer? One of the gang members is doing powdered heroin in his cell!

Asked: September 05,2015
Ask the inmate answer
The life of an inmate is not easy. There are going to be times where bullying and intimidation are overwhelming. Your son has a lot of time ahead of him and is going to have to use some of his guile and wits to handle these social pressures that are prevalent in prison. Paying extortion will NEVER end. It will go from money and property to sexual abuse or worse. If he is frail and unable to protect himself, the safest place might be in protective custody. Living alone (in solitary) might be better than being abused and prostituted by the predators who will take advantage of him.
Accepted Answer Date Created: September 06,2015

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