Reviewed on: April 11,2016

How much can I do for my boyfriend doing an eleven year sentence?

This is my first time ever being with someone who's in prison. I dont know nothing about that life. My fiance got 11yrs having to do 85% of his sentence. This is his 2nd time in prison. What can i do to help him get through this i write him 4 to 5 times a week. Go visit him every other weekend. Im loyal to him. Is there anything else i can do to help him? Am i doing to much i feel like im smothering him. any suggestions ur an ex-inmate what more can i do to make his time a lil easier

Asked: April 09,2016
Ask the inmate answer
The contact that you are engaging in now is great. The writing, the visits and the phone calls are showing him you care. He will be away a long time and this is going to get tougher on you as the time passes. We highly recommend sending magazine and newspaper subscriptions as the frequency of incoming mail is very soothing. If he likes to read, get him hooked on books. He can either read different genres with different authors OR get into some educational programs that will make him better prepared for his re-entry. You will never be accused of "doing too much", maybe the reverse as times goes on... Here is the stuff you don't want to hear: Inmates doing long stretches are going to go through mood changes and challenge your loyalty over and over again. You will be accused of cheating on him many times even though you haven't. This will get tiresome and you will question yourself, "what am I doing?" What actually happens in the high majority of the time is that the woman will ride the sentence out with their man, keeping their life on hold, spending most of their money on commissary and phone calls and within a few weeks of their release, the relationship will fall apart.
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