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Reviewed on: January 20,2016

how much money do inmates need?

my question is not about this prison but an inmate in Hamilton County Justice Center, Cincinnati, Oh. He is my nephew and just turned 18. they say he owes some kind of fees. its around 65$. I do not have this at this time but was wondering if i deposit a smaller amount into his account, will they take all of it away from him to pay off what he owes??

Asked: January 16,2016
Ask the inmate answer
Fees imposed by county jails vary - but a majority of them charge nothing at all. It could be that he needs to pay a fee, $65 sounds a little high but it's possible. What it could also be is that he wants money for his commissary so that he may shop to buy certain snacks and food stuffs. Either way, it's probably not nefarious and adding a small amount of money on a weekly basis will allow them to get a few things not provided by the jail.
Accepted Answer Date Created: January 17,2016

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