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Reviewed on: April 17,2016

How you go about to marry someone in prison, my partner an I are gay?

Hi I have question about how you go about to marry someone in prison? My partner an I are gay an that's why I ask this question gay marriage is legal in oklahoma now but do you think the prison system would allow us to be married while he's in prison. Lawton correctional center in oklahoma is where he's at. I didn't know if different prisons have different policies

Asked: January 19,2015
Ask the inmate answer
Most facilities allow marriage. We are not certain what the rules are at Lawton and would suggest contacting the prison chaplain to get the full details and costs associated. One thought that comes to mind that you might take into consideration. This is prison and inmates can be very cruel. Your circumstance might place undo and unnecessary pressure on your fiance. If you think you could wait to have the ceremony until he is released, you both would enjoy it so much more and it may avoid some potential issues. We wish you both the best of luck and congratulations!
Accepted Answer Date Created: January 20,2015

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