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I already asked this question but it says it has no records but any way my. Man is in Represa Sac and he takes meds that make him groggy n i cant get any answers to any of my questions I have written him and all I really wanna know is if he is able to use the phone so we can actually have a conversation hes been gone over a yr n will be in for quite some time he is in 4 226 I believe and i wanna put money on the phone but i need to be sure and also if he is transferred is the phone money transferred. Or do they just have one account

Asked: July 22,2015
Ask the inmate answer
The phone service at the California State Prison - Sacramento is GlobalTel (GTL). Unless there is a disciplinary hold on your inmate, he should be able to make all the calls he wants provided he has funds on his books or in an Advanced Pay account. If you are long distance to Sacramento, the InmateAid Discount Phone Service is something you should look into. We can save about $4.50 per call instate and more if your are out of state. Let us know if you need assistance -
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