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I asked this without naming the state in question. I got a reply telling me so and I tried to respond but kept getting error messages. So I'll try again. I've been told that the gov. of Arizona have signed into law the reduction of sentences from 85% to 65%, is this true. And if so, will it affect only new prisoners or those already in prison. The inmate I am concerned about told me that the rumors in Perryville prison in Arizona are they are working on the male inmate sentencings first before moving on to the female inmates. This doesnt sound right to me. Thank you in advance for your attention and time setting this straight for me. 

Asked: June 12,2015
Ask the inmate answer
There is no sentence reduction law signed into action recently or in the past. This is a typical prison rumor that goes on all over the country, not just Arizona.  There is a bill being pushed by Sen. Steve Pierce, R-Prescott which is in direct deference to Gov. Doug Ducey's executive budget calling for $40 million for a new prison with 3,000 beds.  The senator's bill would release thousands of non-violent inmates early in a bid to save money and ease pressure on crowded prisons. This legislation would expand an existing Department of Corrections program to help prisoners transition into daily life with services including counseling, case management and substance-abuse treatment.Senate Bill 1390 seeks to increase the number of inmates placed in the program to a minimum of 3,500 prisoners in the first year, and 5,000 in the second year. The program would serve low-risk, non-violent offenders and exclude those convicted of driving under the influence, sex offenses, arson or domestic violence. Pierce believes his bill would save the state money and avoid having to build another prison.
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