Reviewed on: September 13,2021

I just wanna know the easiest and cheapest way to take a call from an inmate. At the same time, every time she’s called I’m stuck at work and can’t answer. How the **** do I get a hold of her? To write a letter even I gotta go through inmate aid?

Asked: August 23,2021
Ask the inmate answer

You cannot call the inmate, the inmate has to initiate the calls. If you want to write her, you can get a paper and pen, envelope and stamp...make sure you have the correct mailing address. And of course, if you are pressed for time, the InmateAid app makes it VERY easy and if you are going to write a lot, the package cost comes out to less than a dollar (including the 58 cents per stamp)

Accepted Answer Date Created: August 24,2021

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