Reviewed on: August 21,2016

Also have another question what all can family services help me with because I do believe my three oldest boys need to seek counseling they haven't been the same with my inmate locked up since he got locked up I have been struggling financially, Also how do I find out if I'm on visitation. And who can I talk to about his case to find out of maybe he can finish out waiting for trial in the free world or at least try to get the whole work release program or something anything information wise is a huge help

Asked: July 08, 2016
Ask the inmate answer
The "work release program" is designated for inmates who are doing time and have worked their way down custody status levels. Work release is at the very end of the spectrum - right before release giving the inmate some incentive for good behavior and following the programming recommendations of their counselor. As far as family services go, since this is pre-trial, there is little to offer the program directors if there is no disposition. The programs available to the indigient might apply to you and your situation. If he has a high bond, there is very little you can do BUT wait it out. If he goes to trial, you might be looking at a year or before you know the outcome.
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