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Reviewed on: October 07,2015

If an inmate is housed in Oklahoma and I live in Texas how does the discount phone program work? Once I sign up will I get a new local number to give to the inmate when they call to make the calls cheaper?

Asked: January 08,2015
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The phone service at all of the correction centers are set up through bid process. There are about 30 prison-specific phone companies that fight to get the contract for each and every prison. Whoever has the contract for all inmate outbound calling and to tape record the calls essentially has a monopoly and you have to use them to receive calls.  The choice is whether you pay them for a long distance call that can run as much as $15.00 or more per call or a local call which will be dramatically less, in the neighborhood of $2.00 or less Here is how it works... We get you a local line matching the rate center of town of the facility.Your inmate dials this local number and it will ring on your current phone. You will need to register the local number with the prison phone company (just like you would your long distance number without our service) who will charge you only for the local call. If your inmate can buy calling cards from the commissary, you will not need to go online and set this up, they can dial the local number direct with the card. InmateAid takes care of the long distance portion of the call. The difference in two call prices will pay for itself in a few call and is why people use the service. We need to know the name of the facility and your telephone number to give you an honest price estimate - sometimes we can save you a lot and sometimes this won't benefit you. Let us know if that makes sense to you.
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