Reviewed on: April 18,2016

I have to register my phone number for the TDJC prison system and I recently set up an account on inmateaid for a local number. However I have a prepaid cell phone and they don't accept prepaid cell phones to receive calls. what do I register the number as, landline or cell phone?

Asked: April 12, 2015
Ask the inmate answer
All you have to do is register the InmateAid number as a land line. Be prepared for having to jump through hoops as the prison phone carrier Securus is a little more difficult to deal with than others, but your rights are protected and there is nothing that prohibits you from using our number and receiving lower priced calls. The FCC website endorses ["Low Cost Inmate Call Routing Services"]( as a viable way for families to connect with their loved ones at better prices.
Accepted Answer Date Created: April 13,2015

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