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Reviewed on: August 28,2017

If my man received a letter from an ex and he told me would I be wrong to be angry

If my man received a letter from a ex and he told me would I be wrong or silky too ask him too send it to me and if he declines how or what should I feel although he says it's nothing too him and he. Threw it away yeah I bet but what's your advice on that

Asked: August 25,2017
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Inmates are going to receive mail from whomever wants to take the time to write. I was married and yet an old girlfriend or two who I'd not spoken to in years reached out. I told my wife about it. I'm sure she didn't think it was innocent, but I was thrilled that they sent me magazines and books. It was kindness on their part, and it didn't lead to anything, I'm still happily married to my wife.

If an ex is writing him, and he told you about it, we think that is pretty good sign that his intentions are honorable - he could have easily kept that a secret. What was in the letter should mean nothing to you because he told you. There's nothing you can do anyway - try not to stress out. If he is a good guy, he will be until the end. If he was always a rascal... nothing will change that either. Best to you both...

Accepted Answer Date Created: August 26,2017

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