Reviewed on: July 19,2017

Is federal prison worse then state prison?

Is federal prison worse then state prison? I know someone that might go to federal prison for child pornography. Do they keep these type of prisoners together amd away from other prisoners? Also im not sure what rdap is but do you think my friend can qualify with this program due to his charges?

Asked: August 16,2014
Ask the inmate answer

Federal prison is not worse than state prison, but it is prison nonetheless. The child pornography charge is not going to make his bit any easier. They send most of these type inmates to a facility in Arizona known for this. They tend to be safer among like-charges inmates. RDAP is a fantastic program if your inmate has put his substance abuse in the record with the Pre-Sentence Report prior to sentencing. This is the ONLY way to qualify. Plus, if there is any violence or weapons charges in the record they will be disqualified.

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