Reviewed on: July 13,2016

my boyfriend accepted a plea deal of 8 months state jail and 4 years tdc. he will be at c in bartlett texas. i dont know what unit he will be in but his probation was revoked for theft and tampering with evidence. what unit do you think he will be at, and since im his girlfriend (we also have a child together) will i be able to get contact visits?

Asked: July 13,2016
Ask the inmate answer
Bartlett State Jail is a prison that is operated by CCA (Corrections Corporation of America). The custody levels range from low to high. CCA runs their facilities very tightly, closely following each and every rule to the "T". But being strict is not to be confused with overbearing or sadistic. These guys are profession prison managers that report their daily operational reports to the organization (TDCJ) that is in contract with them. Therefore your fiance's custody level will determine whether or not he is allowed visitation and if so, whether it has some contact involved. The contact is no more than a welcome hug and kiss and an exit hug and kiss. There is no real "contact" during the visit.
Accepted Answer Date Created: July 14,2016

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