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Reviewed on: June 15,2021

Is it hard to marry an inmate in doc? I was supposed to marry my inmate before he got sent off to doc but they took to long and got sent before we were able to be married. Does it require a lot? What all would me and him both have to do?

Asked: March 12,2021
Ask the inmate answer

Thanks for writing. Marriage can happen in few DOCs and the BOP. It is, however, a long process for approval. Our advice is to have your inmate contact the chaplain and tell them what he wants to do. If they'll consider it, your inmate will get a list from the chaplain that you'll have to handle on the outside. If his sentence isn't too long, I would seriously consider waiting to have a proper wedding on the outside because of all you're going to have to go through to get approved. 

Accepted Answer Date Created: March 13,2021

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