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Reviewed on: April 27,2017

What steps to take to marry an inmate

Me and my boyfriend, fiance we're about to get married right before he was arrested by the u.s. marshals now I would like to know how we would go about getting married while he's locked up. What are the steps we have to take

Asked: April 15,2017
Ask the inmate answer

It sounds like there is a transitional phase ahead for your boyfriend it the US Marshal Service just apprehended him. Depending on the charges, he might be able to have a bond and be released. You could marry then. But, if he is held on a warrant that makes that impossible, then he will be in a federal detention facility until the case is heard. Most likely he will be remanded and unable to qualify for a marriage. Marrying an inmate is not a standard practice. It is very seldom approved and usually for long-term inmates with a perfect behavior record. 

Accepted Answer Date Created: April 16,2017

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