Reviewed on: February 05,2016

Is prison life really as bad as it looks on TV?

Is prison really as bad as it shows on the TV shows? As far as the fights and stuff. I find prisons intriguing, and would love to know more about life inside. Thanks!

Asked: February 04,2016
Ask the inmate answer
Prison life is defined by the type of prison you do your time in. Maximum security prisons have the offenders with the longest sentences for the worst crimes. Those inmates have little to lose when it comes to imposing their will on other inmates in there. It can be brutal at times and there are some really violent episodes that occur. Generally, as the custody level lowers, so does the level of brutality but this is certainly not without exceptions. Gang activity is at the root of most of the fighting. Gang initiation requires that new members either take a beating or give a beating. There are fights at all levels and they can be a light as a slap to the face for something like changing the channel on the TV without asking others if it's okay. There are fights that occur from gambling debts owed or loans that can get pretty violent. The lock-in-the-sock is a weapon of choice used by inmates that really want to do some damage. Imagine a combination lock in a sock slung at full force into one's face. That will send any inmate to the hospital and definitely prove a point (not only to the recipient but anyone else watching and thinking of crossing that inmate in the future). One rule of thumb, show respect. Do not show fear, stand up for yourself, don't be a snitch and don't mouth off unless you want to test the mettle of the other inmate. If you are going to disrespect, interrupt conversations, jump others in line, touch another person's property, sit on their bunk without permission, get near their food, or many other anti-social actions you will find yourself fighting.
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