Reviewed on: August 23,2016

My sister is looking at her 3rd possession charge and is worried about the possibility of getting hit with prior and persistent. Her parole officer Is aware of everything and is telling her she will do a delayed reaction on her parole and is having her turn herself in on the warrant and get bonded out. How do you think this will all play out. She just did 2yr and 9 months for burglary it was her 2nd commit at 40%. can she avoid going back prison since her parole officer is sending her rehab. Will the new drug laws help with lowering her chances of the prior and persistent charge

Asked: August 21,2016
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Having done time, her record is definitely working against her. The judges get tired of seeing people do short sentences and then commit more crimes after their release. The one thing you seem to have in your favor is a PO willing to recommend rehab. Rehab is a great alternative for offenders wanting to avoid jail time, but it's usually reserved for the first-timer, not habitual. The new drug laws are for federal offenses and sentencing guidelines, if this is at the state level, we need more information about this scenario, from you to be certain.
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