Reviewed on: July 26,2016

my bf has tampering with evidence (felony since its his third one, he threw marijuana out the car), theft and criminal mischief. the criminal mischief got him 30-45 days in county, and they gave him 8 months state jail for theft and 4 years for the tampering. by the time he leaves county he'll have 8 months total back time, and the state and tdcj time run concurrent. what do you think he'll end up doing?

Asked: July 25,2016
Ask the inmate answer
The TDCJ sentence of four years will be 85% of 48 months. The total time to service with ZERO incident reports would be 40.8 months. If he serves 8 months in county, he will have 32.8 months remaining at his TDCJ facility
Accepted Answer Date Created: July 26,2016

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