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My boy fiend is in Dickerson county prison detroit MI I sent him a letter via Inmate aid e-mail, will he be able to e-mail me back? I also tried to send some money but Dickerson was not in the drop box. Thank you for your time.

Asked: January 18, 2015
Ask the inmate answer
Western Union does not have Wayne County as a money transfer vendor. Money may by deposited into a Wayne County Jail Inmate's Commissary account under the following conditions: the money order must contain the Inmate's full and correct name and his WCJ Inmate number in order for the monies to be credited to the proper account. The money order must contain a return address and preferably a telephone number, in the event the person is discharged or there is a problem with the money order - the Property Room would like to be able to contact the sender or be able to return the money. There is no limit on the total deposit that can be made to an account, however: no single money order can be over $100.00. Money orders for those persons being held at Jail Divison I or Jail Divison II ay be dropped off at the deposit window at Jail 1 any time of any day. Jail Division III inmates may also have monies dropped off at Jail 3. Money orders may be sent through the US mail to any inmate in any of our facilities c/o the jail division they are being housed with the inmate number on the envelope and money order.
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