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Reviewed on: May 05,2016

My boyfriend was in jail in one county they moved him to another county due to being full then the next day moved him back to the 1st county and issued and served him with a captious warrant for failure to appear but he was in their custody the day he was supposed to appear!! I've been told he can't get bonded out and he won't get a bond until his court date..which is 3 months away...what can he or I do??

Asked: December 13,2015
Ask the inmate answer
There has to be a little more to this story. A no-bond hold means that someone in the judiciary does not think your boyfriend will appear when his court date comes up. If he has a lawyer, they might petition the court for a magistrate hearing to see if a reasonable argument may be made to lift the no-bail hold. Unfortunately you will most likely have to ride out the next three months to get that answer when he goes before the judge that will decide if bail is appropriate.
Accepted Answer Date Created: December 14,2015

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