Reviewed on: September 06,2016

My brother is in jail for probation violation and dwi 3rd or more. His probation was also for dwi. As far as I know nobody was hurt and no property damage. How long does he have to wait, until he finds out what kind of punishment he will receive. Will he have to go to prison or would he be able to stay in the county jail? Is there anyway that you could find out? I would really appreciate your help. Thank you

Asked: September 03, 2016
Ask the inmate answer
Third time probation violation DUI is not going to end well. Depending on how much time is left on his original sentence, he will have to do at least what is left plus potentially more. If we are looking at more than a year, he might have to do it in state rather than county (county jail inmates are not usually there longer than a few months, they don't have the room for long-term inmates).
Accepted Answer Date Created: September 04,2016

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