Reviewed on: January 08,2016

My brother was supposed to be released on 12/15/15. He had a probation or parole violation. He left the state of PA for work. He has not yet been released. He said the PO has to lift the warrant and inspect his house. How long can this take? Is there a time limit for this to be done? He has a job to go back to and a house. He may lose it all if he is not released soon. This is in De County Prison in Pa. The PO will not return my calls. What can I do for him? Who can I contact?Thank you.

Asked: December 17,2015
Ask the inmate answer
There is no way to rush the process. The Parole/Probation Officers have a case load that is unknown to the public. Calling them and trying to hurry up the process might have the reverse effect.
Accepted Answer Date Created: December 18,2015

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