Reviewed on: October 06,2018

My daughter was on bond and missed court, got new charges, what will happen?

My daughter was on bond didn't go to court now in jail no new charges there for theft of means and dangerous drugs she been in prison but not for that what should I get myself ready for

Asked: October 05,2018
Ask the inmate answer

Missing a court appearance while on bond is a serious, serious offense. For starters, there will be no further bond until her case is heard. The bond is the "assurance that the charged will appear for every court appearance". As for the new charges, my guess is that the judge will be pretty angry when she faces him. Without further information on all that she is facing, my only advice is for you to be patient and let the process play out. Drug crimes like what you describe are usually looked at from the user-side and not the dealer-side, and she will probably get some time attached to some sort of in-custody therapy.

Accepted Answer Date Created: October 06,2018