Reviewed on: November 14,2017

My fiancé is an inmate at SCI Camp Hill in PA, We are from Dover, Delaware. How do I set up to receive phone calls or emails from him? He was just transferred there and sent a message through someone but they haven't been much help.

Asked: November 13,2017
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SCI Camp Hill in the Pennsylvania State Prisons Systems - The prison phone provider for setting up prepaid accounts is SecurusTech. You may set up prepaid accounts online at Securus WebsiteAll calls are $0.06 per minute - no matter where that number is to, all calls are the same price.

The InmateAid Discount Telephone Service would not help make the calls any cheaper. All telephone numbers are the same rate so getting a line from us is not beneficial for any of the PA DOC state prisons.

Accepted Answer Date Created: November 14,2017

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