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What is death row like in AZ how long does it take to go through the phases to where the inmate will receive longer visit and phone calls?

Asked: November 22,2014
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Death Row Maximum Security Inmates The cell12 ft. by 7 ft. cell; 86 square feetAll solo cellsBed built into wall (hard surface bed)Blanket and pillowStainless steel toilet and sinkShelving across one side of bed, which could be used as a deskSmall chairPersonal items can be displayed in the cell and there are two small and very thin windowsAllowed to buy a small radio or TVMeals Inmates are fed 19 meals a week, three meals a day Monday through Friday and only two meals a day on the weekend. Death row and maximum security inmates eat all of their meals in their cells. There is no cafeteria-style setting.Life Inmates on death row in Arizona have access to recreation three times a week for periods of two hours at a time. They get a total of six hours per week outside their cell. The outdoor recreation areas are pretty small -- not much bigger than the cells -- and inmates spend this time alone. But on non-recreation days, inmates are limited to their cell and could spend up to 24 hours at a time in there. Other privileges allowed to prisoners are pretty basic:No InternetBooks and commissary allowed for maximum security inmatesLibrary on site; Books can be requestedInterviews only done over the phoneShowers Inmates are allowed to shower three times a week. Showers are next to the cells and inmates usually shower after their recreation periods. Inmates shower alone.Contact with outside Maximum security inmates get one 15-minute phone call per week and calls are made from the cell with a phone that is brought to the inmate. But all inmates are allowed to send and receive mail. All inmates are limited to one non-contact, two-hour visit per week, during which the inmate can only speak to the visitor through glass.Death row before execution The average amount of time an inmate spends on death row in Arizona is 12 years, but it's possible it could be much longer or much shorter. The last execution in Arizona took place in 2010. The inmate executed had spent 18 years on death row.
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