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Reviewed on: November 14,2017

My fiance's release date is July 2020 his leaving to fire camp any day now I've heard they take off time like about how much time do they take off will he be out sooner than 2020?

Asked: November 13,2017
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CDCR offers 15% good time credits for all inmates. There are no published early release benefits although there are sentence reductions in some cases for volunteering for Fire Camp duty. All inmates must earn the right to work in a conservation camp by their non-violent behavior and conformance to rules while they are incarcerated. Only minimum-custody inmates are eligible to volunteer for assignment in conservation camps. All volunteers are carefully screened and medically cleared on a case by case basis before they are accepted into the program.

The inmates live outside the prisons in "conservation camps" with fellow inmates in the program, all of whom are nonviolent offenders. They receive 64 hours of training before being put to work for $1 an hour. The job is highly desirable, the camps offer better food, paid service, and sentence reductions in some cases. These jobs also give inmates more freedom, considering the camps don't have barbed wire fences

Some convictions automatically make an inmate ineligible for conservation camp assignment, even if they have minimum custody status. Those convictions include: sexual offenses, arson and any history of escape with force or violence.

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