Reviewed on: August 04,2016

My fiance "by mistake" sent me a love letter that was for another woman. He confessed to me that he was "talking" to this other woman before I received the letter. He said that when he realized that he accidentally switched the letters he could have changed it back but decided that it was better to come out clean and see how things will play out. I'm not sure if he indeed switched the letters like he said he did or if the people in the mail room switched the letters to mess with him? Is this something that happens all the time? How do I know if he is doing this again? Thank you.

Asked: August 04, 2016
Ask the inmate answer
You probably already know the answer to your question. There are two kinds of men, loyal ones or ones that stray. If he is talking with another woman from "inside", this is who he is. It has probably happened more than this one episode. You have to decide if this is what you want from your partner. You have to decide what to do. We are not going to blame the mail room. Most of the mail is handled by corrections staff so we think tampering is not likely.
Accepted Answer Date Created: August 05,2016

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