Reviewed on: September 18,2016

My Fiancé got sentenced to 2.5 in Arizona DOC. We were concerned with the visitaion, since I myself went to prison but was released 5 years ago and haven't caught a new charge. I have a few Felonies - Agg Assult on a CO, Attempted Agg Assult w/deadly weapon, Theft, Endangerment x2, and Possession of Paraphernalia. But I was the Mother of his Children and will be bringing them with me on all visits. Will I get approved for visits. Or a least the chances of getting approved. Thank you.

Asked: September 18,2016
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This will be a bit of a lengthy process, but the mother of his children should hold a heavy advantage in the approval department. The ASPC is very good about the visitation and are going to find a way to approve you so that he may see his children. BUT, you must be as kind, humble and respectful when dealing with the warden's office. Do not come across as entitled...
Accepted Answer Date Created: September 19,2016

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