Reviewed on: July 15,2016

My Fiancé got sentenced to 9 months jail and 4 years probation on a felony charge for a gun charge, at a state prison, is it possible he could released earlier then his scheduled release date? This is his first offense.

Asked: July 15,2016
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Doubtful - this can't be his first offense if his charge was "felony gun possession", which by definition is your fiance has a felony and was caught with a gun. Most felony gun possessions are five years. He basically got less than 20%, so if we were him, we'd think that felony gun sentence should have been 60 months and hes getting out in about 7 months - not too bad. He will get into a routine and be out of there before you know it. The release dates are never altered unless there are some extenuating circumstances. We are not trying to make light of your situation but nine months is a very light sentence with this charge. With the big escalation of violence in this country, especially with the police, expect the future sentences for felons caught with guns to START at five years.
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