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Reviewed on: April 19,2016

My fiance got two years, I'm confused and need input from someone - should I leave him?

My fiancé received 2 years and I have been told to break it off with him so he can do his time. I love him and have been there and want to continue my relationship with but it's stressful out here when I can barely support me. The phone calls are generally where we bring up our past. I'm confused and need input from someone.

Asked: January 29,2016
Ask the inmate answer
Your situation is very common. The women left behind are doing a sentence of their own. The people telling you to break it off don't really know how you feel deep down. That is not to say their advice is not sound, they care about you and are anticipating you going through heartache. We have written quite a bit about this subject in Marry an Inmate - where the relationship is rocky (over the phone and at visitation) but makes it until the inmate is released and for some unknown reason the men leave almost immediately. What you have to determine is how strong your relationship was before the incarceration. Here is what is going to happen - you guys will talk a lot on the phone, he will question what you are doing and with whom. He will call and sometimes you won't be able to get the call. He will accuse you of cheating. You will fight about this type of this the whole time as he will struggle to control what you are doing. Of course, he might be completely different than what we're describing and if that's the case you will get through this with no problem. Feel free to write us anytime to bounce thoughts off of or ask us about things you are concerned with. Good luck, the good news is that two years is not as long as you might think!
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