Reviewed on: August 22,2016

My fiancé who was my ex for two and a half months went to jail like in may with the female who he just wouldn't come home for. Long story short he calls telling me he loves me mind u I took him back been holding him down since McLennan County Jail and where he is now rusk county. He says they are my initial but I think otherwise. He got AG on his ring finger suppose to stand for Axxxxx Gxxxxx. Called everyday two to four times a day. i finally was able to get his belongings and take them to G Ma house. Blew me up Saturday, Sunday, and Monday but haven't heard from him and a week exactly today... i believe he went back to his Ice head female but his mom keeps telling me he got in trouble cause he was doing stuff he shouldn't be doing locked up but a week really for tattooing. i know what I feel but don't know what to think. Trying to keep the faith but how can i.

Asked: August 15,2016
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You should follow your instincts. You know him better than most - our advice, "believe what you see with your own eyes, not what you hear as the explanation".
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