Reviewed on: October 07,2015

My husband is in East Carroll Detention Center in Lake Providence,La the guys there are telling him that they have unlimited calls through Securus Tech. I contacted them and they said its not true and do not go through jail calls inc. Do you know a reliable company that I can go through with unlimited calls a month?

Asked: July 05,2013
Ask the inmate answer
There are NO companies that have "true" unlimited calling. The prisons contract with ONE phone company only - they are a monopoly and can charge huge long distance fees. But, they can only charge a nominal or small fee for a local calls.Securus is one of these prison phone companies. They are very aggressive in their fees. The ONLY way to beat them is to get a local line and set up the calling account online separate from your long distance account. They are also aggressive in trying to stop local lines from being used by calling them "illegal forwarding". Forwarding is NOT illegal, what is against prison policy is "three-way calling".
Accepted Answer Date Created: July 06,2013

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