Reviewed on: April 14,2016

My husband was sentenced to do 30 days in Wasatch County Jail - he was arrested in another county on his way to turn himself in, what can I do?

My husband was sentenced to do 30 days in Wasatch County Jail on Sept 2. On his way there our car broke down in Duchesne. We called the courts his public deffenders left email and messages. As his public defender answers one of my questions online and I let him know the situation he not once tells me that he got a court date for us this happened from Sept 2 him not showing up it being labor day weekend the public defender answers me back on Tuesday Sept 6 we get a mail Sept 11 saying he was to show in court on Sept 9. With all this being said on Saturday Sept 12 he gets stop and now he is in another county jail miles and miles from where he suppose to be. We have little contact. What should or can I do on my part

Asked: September 14,2015
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One thing that doesn't make sense is if he was to be there on September 2, what is he doing driving around 10 days later "miles and miles away" instead of at the Wasatch Jail? It doesn't look good, like he had no intention of reporting. A 30 day sentence is not a big deal, but not reporting and then placing all the blame on a calamity of circumstances out of your control might turn it into something much bigger. What is your public defender telling you? We are not attorneys and are just answering the question as it appears to us. If all of the facts are exactly as you describe herein, you should collect all of the evidence that supports your story, the mail you received, the online response - everything you have and get with this PD and file a motion.
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