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Reviewed on: May 05,2016

My inmate was kicked out of rehab, why was he picked up by the US Marshals?

My boyfriend was out on bond from st. Clair mo federal. He was ordered to do 31 days at Pathways Rehabilitation. He successfully completed that and he did not have a home plan so was ordered 120 at Pathways and to gain employment . He did get a job but because of his mouth was kicked out of rehab. He spoke to his P.O she was ok as long as he kept his job . Then he was had a pretrial hearing. The marshals came and now he is back in st. Clair . Can you tell me why this would occur and where I could find more info. Thank you in advance.

Asked: September 17,2014
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This is a simple violation issue. The offender was given the opportunity to cut his time short by completing a drug class. Following instructions to the people who hold sway over their freedom need to understand and consider what is more important, winning an argument of freedom.
Accepted Answer Date Created: September 18,2014

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